Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey with CoolSculpting®

In a world where 2 out of every 3 adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese, shedding pounds and improving muscle tone is not an easy journey. At times, it can be downright frustrating — especially when you’re so close to your ideal weight, but those stubborn areas of fat refuse to budge. When it comes to losing weight, all those trouble spots — abs, hips, and thighs included — stubbornly hang on, thanks to genetics and other factors. 

At Life’s Cycle, with two convenient locations in Ardmore and Norman, Oklahoma, Dr. Pamela Kimbrough and her expert medical team can help you get the physique you’re working so hard to achieve with the help of CoolSculpting® fat-freezing technology. 

CoolSculpting is safe, noninvasive, and targets those hard-to-lose areas of fat with ease, so you can finally finish off your weight-loss journey. Discover how this FDA-cleared, nonsurgical treatment can fine-tune your figure and get rid of fat that resists dieting and exercising.

CoolSculpting freezes away stubborn fat forever

Surgical treatments like liposuction are highly effective at removing fat forever because the procedure sucks unwanted fat cells right out of your body. Instead of removing fat cells, CoolSculping lowers the temperature of targeted fat cells to crystallize them so your body can naturally eliminate them. 

Once targeted fat cells are frozen, they can never again increase in size or multiply, meaning fat in a particular area is gone for good. Because fat freezes at a higher temperature than water, your skin, organs, muscles, and other tissues aren’t affected by the CoolSculpting process.

Within a few months of your treatment, your body breaks down the damaged fat cells and eliminates them through your lymphatic system with ease. New fat cells won’t regenerate in that area ever again. Once fat is gone, all you’re left with is a more toned physique.

CoolSculpting targets and contours many problem areas

So you get the results you desire, Dr. Kimbrough and her medical aesthetics team talk to you about how you envision your ideal body shape. Then, through CoolSculpting treatments, they carefully sculpt your silhouette into a smoother, more slender version of yourself. Using a variety of applicators that contour perfectly to the area you want to treat, you can target the following areas:

Each CoolSculpting treatment eliminates up to 20-25% of fat in the targeted area, making it capable of freezing away inches of extra fat. You can enjoy optimal CoolSculpting results after you’ve reached your ideal weight, or when you are within 20-30 pounds of your goal and need help with diet-resistant fat.

CoolSculpting is gradual, painless, and there’s no downtime

Anytime you can undergo an effective treatment that’s painless and doesn’t require you to take extensive time out of your busy schedule to recover, it’s an easy choice. CoolSculpting is very popular for these reasons. You won’t need to take weeks, or even an entire day off of work after your CoolSculpting treatment. 

You may be a little swollen and uncomfortable for a couple of days, and your skin might be slightly pinker than normal, but in most cases, you’ll be ready to tackle your usual daily activities right after your CoolSculpting appointment. That said, pay attention to your body, and if you need to take it easy for a day or two, you should. 

The beauty of CoolSculpting’s fat-elimination process is that your results appear gradually and naturally over time. A few months after your initial treatment, you should be able to see the full effects of the procedure on the treated areas. Depending on how much fat you want to lose, we may recommend a total of 1-3 CoolSculpting treatments. 

Lose fat and tighten skin all at once

One of the advantages of CoolSculpting is that its patented cryolipolysis method of freezing away fat also triggers your skin to tighten up as your fat volume decreases. This isn’t true with liposuction and a few other permanent fat-removal techniques. In fact, CoolSculpting also tightens loose skin under the chin while removing double-chin fat.

Once you achieve your desired body-contouring results with CoolSculpting, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to help you keep your new shape. Even though you’ll have fewer fat cells than before, the remaining fat cells can expand if you don’t continue down a healthy path and a fit lifestyle. 

Instead of getting discouraged with your pockets of stubborn fat, give us a call to schedule a consultation at one of our two locations. Or book an appointment online to take the first step toward a more sculpted silhouette, right now.

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Individual results may vary.

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