How to Enhance Your Vaginal Health With Viveve Treatments

During a woman’s lifespan, many of the typical transitions she goes through are momentous: menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause. Our bodies are absolutely amazing, but hormonal changes and age can thin vaginal tissue, and that leads to uncomfortable dryness, painful sex, especially after menopause, and comrpomised sensitivity.

Don’t resign yourself to the fact that “this is how it’s going to be,” whether you’ve just had a baby or stopped having your period. There’s no reason to live with vaginal discomfort when effective treatment is available.

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough offers an advanced treatment to women suffering from vaginal discomfort: Viveve. Its restorative qualities have earned the praise of many of our patients, and the Life’s Cycle Women’s Care team is dedicated to seeing you through the transitions that all women go through — even when they’re a bit difficult. 

Vaginal changes are a natural, if sometimes challenging, part of every woman’s life

A common condition that women suffer from due to hormonal fluctuations in different periods of their lives is called vaginal atrophy. Big life transitions, like childbirth and menopause, fuel these hormonal shifts, and vaginal tissue thins, unfortunately. The result? Dry, prone-to-pain tissue as opposed to tissue that’s robust, strong, and lubricated. 

The unpleasant side effects of vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy can wreak havoc on intimacy because sex simply becomes painful. As you avoid it, tension between you and your partner may develop. In addition to problems with intimacy, the condition can cause:

What’s needed to solve these problems is strengthening the vaginal tissue, but how do you do that? 

How Viveve solves problems related to vaginal atrophy

Collagen is the magic ingredient your body makes that keeps your skin smooth and the tissue throughout your body supple. Viveve works by stimulating collagen production. 

The FDA-cleared Viveve treatment platform is successful because it harnesses the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy, which fuels collagen production. With stronger vaginal tissue, you can feel more, become lubricated, and be certain that your vaginal tissue is strong, not weak, just like when your body produced more estrogen.. 

What’s a Viveve treatment like?

After Dr. Kimbrough is able to learn about your medical history, vaginal atrophy symptoms, and overall vaginal/pelvic health, she ascertains whether Viveve is appropriate as a potential treatment for you. 

Your Viveve treatment is typically painless and brief, usually about half-an-hour. When Dr. Kimbrough administers it, she uses a small handheld device that delivers RF heat to your tissue, but it’s never uncomfortable because the platform is also cooling. 

Viveve offers a wealth of benefits

Since radiofrequency (RF) energy is the key to Viveve’s effectiveness, Dr. Kimbrough is able to target your treatment area precisely. Viveve’s RF energy jumpstarts your body’s production of collagen, which causes:

Though you may notice and feel near-immediate results from your single treatment, its full benefit comes over the course of weeks and months, and there’s no post-treatment downtime. 

VIveve treatment is noninvasive, not painful in the least, and very importantly, FDA-cleared. 

Never worry again about enjoying a hearty belly laugh or having a romantic encounter with your partner. With Viveve, your stronger vaginal tissue allows you to be more intimate and never worry about stresses caused by vaginal atrophy. 

Visit our office to see if Viveve might be the right treatment for you. Without the trials of intimacy problems and incontinence, you may feel you have a new lease on life!

Call our Norman or Ardmore office to schedule an appointment to learn more about Viveve, or reach out to us through our website.  

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