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Still On the Fence About Microneedling? Learn Why It's So Popular

You may have heard about microneedling as a means of getting younger, more vibrant-looking skin, but were turned off by the mere mention of a needle. Don’t be too hasty in casting this innovative facial treatment aside. It’s safe, painless, and it works! What could be better?

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough and the team at Life’s Cycle Women’s Care in Norman and Ardmore, Oklahoma, are devoted to helping you feel — and look — your best. That’s why we’ve adopted the most innovative facial treatment technologies and included them in our service menu. 

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment to refresh your skin because it’s unique to you, just as your treatments should be. 

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a way to revitalize your skin that harnesses your body’s own power to heal. And don’t be put off by the procedure’s name! It’s gentle and even spa-like. 

The procedure has gained popularity in the last few years, and with good reason. Our microneedling patients tell us that their treatments are more than worth it when they see their results and start receiving compliments.

When you come to Life’s Cycle Women’s Care for a microneedling treatment, we first apply numbing cream to your face. Next, we use a rolling handheld tool whose tiny sterilized needles deliver dozens of minute punctures to your skin. Your skin reacts by producing megadoses of collagen, an important protein that provides elasticity to your tissues. 

As a result of your microneedling treatment, your skin cells turn over, and new skin that’s more even in tone, glowing, and healthier appears. Collagen is nature’s skin filler that contributes to a dewy, bright look. 

Lots to love

Now that you know what a microneedling treatment involves, it’s also important to know about this modality’s many benefits:

In addition to these pluses, microneedling addresses a plethora of skin problems, including wrinkles, certain scarring, acne, dark spots, and other issues linked to sun damage. It’s a true dermatological multitasker. 

You might experience some redness and tenderness after your treatment, but that goes away quickly. You’ll start to see results from your microneedling after about four sessions, but Dr. Kimbrough advises you on a treatment schedule based on your needs and goals. 

Begin your journey to better skin today

Call one of our offices today to learn more about microneedling, or simply book an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you!

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