The Best Face Areas for Fillers

Dermal fillers — injectable solutions that fill in areas on your face that have thinned over the decades — are wildly popular, for good reason. They’re safe, minimally invasive, and refresh your face noticeably, yet don’t create an “overdone” or unnatural look. 

That said, they shouldn’t be used just anywhere on your face, and it takes a knowledgeable, respected provider to deliver these treatments appropriately, so you can enjoy the best results. Enter Dr. Pamela Kimbrough and her fabulous team at Life’s Cycle Women’s Care, with offices in Norman and Ardmore, Oklahoma. They not only administer treatment expertly,but they also think carefully about every aspect of your care.

Dermal fillers build volume

Not to be confused with BotoxⓇ and DysportⓇ, which are injectables that temporarily freeze muscles under your skin to minimize wrinkles, dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that adds volume. You made HA in abundance in your 20s, but not so much as you age. 

Fillers pamper your skin cells by pumping them full of moisture and adding all-important volume, which gives your face a fuller appearance. We offer the highly effective filler JuvédermⓇ, which not only strengthens your skin, but also enhances its softness, both benefits you can’t get any other way. 

Recommended areas for dermal fillers

Dr. Kimbrough finds that dermal fillers are particularly successful at minimizing:

Juvéderm also lifts sunken cheeks, fills in recessed scars, and adds fullness to your lips and cheeks. Our patients are consistently thrilled with the scope of issues that filler injections address.

An easy, comfortable procedure

In addition to the many areas that fillers can improve on your face, the seamlessness of the treatment sessions keep patients coming back. They’re comfortable, thanks to the numbing cream we apply before your injection and the painkilling agent within the injection itself. At most, you feel a quick, mild pinch. 

You’re also in and out of our office lickety-split, with no post-treatment downtime. You see results instantly, and Dr. Kimbrough works with you to determine a treatment schedule that’s best for you.

Basically, there’s nothing not to like about fillers!

Learn how filler treatments can help you look your best, and why more than 1 million people get them each year. Call either of our offices today to schedule a consultation, book an appointment online

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