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You Don’t Have to Live With Painful Sex

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve experienced pain during sex, but knowing other women have dealt with it doesn’t solve your problem. This issue causes friction in even the closest relationships because of the complicated feelings associated with it: confusion, disappointment, and guilt.

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough and the team at  Life’s Cycle Women’s Care in Norman and Ardmore, Oklahoma, are committed to providing the best care possible for this and any women’s health issues you might be experiencing, as well as well-woman care. 

Life’s Cycle Women's Care offers treatments that rejuvenate your vagina and treat the root cause of why you’re experiencing pain, usually associated with vaginal dryness. The vaginal tissue of a young woman is lubricated and firm yet flexible, but hormonal changes that occur during big milestones in your life — like childbirth and menopause — can cause problems that impact intimacy.

Are there effective treatments that combat vaginal dryness and sensitivity?

Absolutely! Dr. Kimbrough provides more than one treatment that can address the vaginal atrophy that can shut down your intimate life all too quickly. 

A revolutionary strengthening treatment called Viveve uses radiofrequency (RF) waves to heat your vaginal tissue, simultaneously releasing a type of cooling energy called cryogen-cooling, which ensures your comfort during the treatment. Dr. Kimbrough administers the treatment with a probe that is compact and comfortable. 

Amazingly, this therapy coaxes your body to jumpstart its production of collagen, the naturally occurring protein that gives tissue its elasticity. 

Viveve offers other significant benefits as well:

Another positive thing we hear about from our patients regarding Viveve treatments is its convenience in terms of time investment: You only need a single 30-45-minute treatment to start seeing — and feeling — results.

A second treatment option to help with vaginal dryness, especially when it’s menopause-related, is bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT). When your body stops producing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone after menopause, your vaginal tissue thins, and dryness becomes a problem. 

When natural hormones are out of balance, man-made hormones, which have nearly the same makeup as your own — hence the name bioidentical — can get you back on track. Dr. Kimbrough has the ability to tailor your BHT to your needs, because everyone’s hormonal ideal is different. 

In the early 2000s, certain studies led to the thinking that hormone replacement therapy raised your risk for breast cancer, stroke, and other serious problems. Due to the controversial studies, the development of bioidentical, plant-based hormones took off in an effort to find an even safer option. Now, much evidence suggests that BHT can support your health over many years.

The SottoPelleⓇ natural hormones that Dr. Kimbrough favors are made from plants and come in pellet form, which she finds to be the ideal delivery system for her patients. With the pellets, you absorb the hormones gradually. This allows your body to use them efficiently. BHT also helps with other menopausal symptoms, such as sleep problems and mood shifts. 

Before embarking on any treatment for vaginal dryness, however, Dr. Kimbrough thoroughly examines your medical history and your vaginal and overall health. 

Don’t dread intimacy any longer

Make an appointment with Dr. Kimbrough to discuss your vaginal dryness problem. Life’s Cycle is here to help! Call either of our offices to book an appointment, or reach out to us online

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